Wednesday, 12 October 2011

nk citer ckit pasal kmpong aku...hehehehehee....sumber wilkipidea ehh...hahahahhaha....

Spaoh is a small town and district in the Betong Division in the state of SarawakMalaysia, formerly known as Saribas District.
Geographically (not administratively), Spaoh is divided into areas such as Ili Pasar Spaoh (Spaoh downriver), Bungin, Paku Ili (Brutan), Ulu Pakuand Ulu Anyut.
The main economical activity in Spaoh is farming. Most of the farmers here plant paddy or pepper and some do rubber-tapping.
The total population of Spaoh is around 17,000: Ibans (5,950), Malay (Orang Laut) (11,050) and Chinese (850). Although Ibans are only the second-largest group in Spaoh, most people in Spaoh interact in the Iban dialect which is understood by both Chinese and Malays. English andMalay are widely spoken too.
The main attractions of this district include the Bukit Saban resort & the production of the salted pufferfish known as Ikan Masin Buntal, which is a local delicacy, in the Malay villages around Spaoh. The pufferfish, known to locals as buntal, is also the mascot of Spaoh.
nie masjid kampong aku...kompom2x aku islam kan...hahahaha

ini ikan buntal...kwn2x aku dr semananjung...ada bran tak nk cuba

hahahaha...nie rumah salah seorang org kampong aku...minangkabau kt spaoh....hehehhe....

yg nie plak lambang kmponh aku...klo nk pg kmpong aku...nmpak lambang nie...nk sampai la tu...hahahaa

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